Global Trade Venture Co., Ltd.


In modern times the international situation surrounding the world has undergone a drastic change at a speed that no one has ever experienced.
That’s especially why as a result of analyzing the information on this opportunity, I focused on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.

Production will start as “Asia’s largest food store” based on the Public Private Partnership with local governments to utilize this vast farmland, fishing sea area, rich water and natural resources.

About 570,00 ha in the agriculture related area, about 20,000 kilometers in the marine fishery related area, and these agricultural lands and fishing seas are widely provided to the global companies as well, and further economic revitalization in the Southeast Asian region is realized.

We will support the implementation of high technologies such as satellite communications and bio etc. indispensable to develop these industries, logistics, acquisition services of various permits and approvals, education for industrial workers, establishment of certification system, We will provide essential products to all global companies who are considering business towards.

In the future, we will continue to push forward to contribute to the great benefits of those involved by linking every “value” that has continued to transmit from this Mindanao to the world, creating new markets and circulation.