Global Trade Venture Co., Ltd.



  1. To set up Trading Department and establish Trading NET Work.
  2. To Organize development Team
    To develop tradable Products.
    To establish own BRAND( Made in Japan)
    We will be able to implemented with Japanese Makers, Producers and Government Agencies.
  3. To find Japanese Local Producers and Products ( Made in Japan)
    (SAFETY, Quality assurance, High Value, Healthy, Brand Value ) →Trading Products
  4. Market potential ( 2 Bill dollar Market for Imported Foods) in Japan
    Japan is importing 64% of foods from Foreign Country.
  5. To establish Sales & Marketing Net works which will corporate with Existing WEB direct sales Net Works.
  6. To establish Global Trade NET Works


  1. To make new Business development Strategy:
    We fully use Japanese BRAND and adapted High Quality and SAFE
    Products image and Technology to develop ouw PRODUCTS.
  2. To fully use several South East Asian regional Business Advantage:
    Multiple Language speaker, Sale and Marketing Net works,( AMAZON, ALIBABA, Yahoo, RAKUTEN, KIP, ets), Political connection, Finance, Investment, Human Relationship and connection.
  3. To Re study and Analysis for Natural Resources in AFRICA , East EU and Mid East, Russian in order to Export to Japan Market.
    EXP: Aquamarine Products, Vegetable, Rice,Fruits, Daily Products.
  4. To establish Global Logistic System and Organization in order to save COST.
    EXP; to Implemented and structuring Global AIR CARGO Operation and Net Works.
    We already established Japan Domestic Door to Door Logistic Service and COLD Storage Services with MAGA Players.
  5. To find and organize Japanese Business Partners.
  6. To Organize Venture Business Partners with Government Support
    Japanese Government hoping to invite foreign Venture investors and willing to support new Venture companies.
    Because of:
    Economy Grow, Language problems, Foreign Investment.
    Trading Net work Development.
  7. To develop and Invite Foreign Finance and Investors for Venture Business.

We would like to Joint Venture with Foreign Group and establish new GLOBAL TRADE VENTURE Company in Japan and operate IMPORT and EXPORT Business.

Prospecting to Foreign Partners.

  1. To introduce us Global Business Partners.
  2. To cooperate us to establish Business HUB station in each Regions. with Management Support.
  3. To provide and back up for initial Creditability establishment and Finance. establishment and Finance.
  4. To introduce Investors and Project Finance Sources in Global Market.


We utilize the system of the Public Auction Market to ensure food safety.
We will establish a Auction Market in cooperation with the government, a system unique to Japan, in major cities around the world and connect them to ensure high food safety.
In Japan, we trade products through Tokushima Public Auction Market, where our head office is located.

Detail of Auction Market