Global Trade Venture Co., Ltd.

Tokushima Public Auction Market

Tokushima Public Auction Market is located in Okisu, Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture, where our head office is located.
Established in 1972, there are trading not only in Tokushima but entire Japan through auction market of other cities.

We deliver safe foods and processed foods through this Tokushima auction market. This auction market has the authority to inspect the safety of food and the authority to stopped the distribution of products whose safety cannot be ensured.
Therefore, this ensures the safety of food in Japan.

Overseas ambassadors and officials have already visited the market to meeting and exchange opinions.

Market overview

Tokushima Public Auction Market
4-38 Kita-okinosu, Tokushima City, Japan
Receiving Place of Aquamarine Products 5-87-8, Minami-okinosu, Tokushima City
Founder Tokushima
City Government
Established area
Tokushima City
Date of approval for authorization
November 25, 1972
Business start date
February 13, 1973
Items handled
[Fruit and vegetables] Vegetables and fruits and their processed products
[Aquamarine Department] Produced seafood and processed products
Site area
101,597 square meters
Receiving Place of Aquamarine Products 2,019 square meters
lot for 1,910 cars
Flat parking lot: 32,108 square meters
Multi-story parking lot: 11,906 square meters