Global Trade Venture Co., Ltd.

Our Business Strategy in ASIA

Business Strategy
1: To establish Professional Occupation License Academy of education and Training for Service & Technics
2: To establish and Operate Occupation License Association in Asia.
Business Primary Goal
Japan is shortage of Occupation Licensed workers and we intent to establish Japanese Standard Professional Occupation License Academy and educate and issue License to students.

Operation Plan
1: To provide realistic Operation Training at Academy, so we use real Modulated clients Shop in Campus.
2: To supply qualified and Licensed graduated Student to Clients with professional skill.
3: To provide cost cut for clients, because Clients no need re- training after employee.
4: To supply graduated student to Global Clients with multiple language Skill.
5: To supply directly to Japanese company over sea brances.

Targeted Clients and Industries
A:Family Restaurant:
Yoshinoya, Sukiya, Matsuya, Denneys, Royal Host, Sky Lark, Saizeria,
B: Kaitensushi Bar: Conveyor Sushi Bar
Hama Sushi, Sushiro, Kura Sushi, Misaki sushi.
C: Convenient Store:
7 Eleven, Lawson, Family Marts, Mini Stop
D: Supper Markets
Aeon, Ito-Yokado-, Summit, Maruetsu, Keikyu, Local Supper Groups.
E: Potential Industries:
Fisheries, Farmers & Agriculture, Mechanical Maintenance, Cleaning, Auto Mobile Assy, Factories ,Medical ,Logistics.
Market View and Analysis
We will be able to analyze Japan and Global Market View with followings:
1: Japan Industries will become more shortage of man Power and skill full Human Resources.
2: Industries demand Foreign Workers who already well trained and educated with qualification and Japanese Language skill.
3: To save internal training cost.
4: Asian Student are looking for working opportunity in Japan Industries.
5: Market Analysis:
EXP: Eatery chain:
Gyudon group: Yoshinoya 4,100.Sukiya 1,100, Matsuya 1.000, Kaiten sushi Group: More than 2,000
We estimate the demand for occupation licensed foreign workers will be More than 100,000 in japan and increasing year to year.
6: Meeting Agenda
We need to make several with following solution and hope to get advices from our project cooperators.
1: Political strategy make for new Economic, Education and Academy establishment.
2: Government master plan making support and pre- discussion with Foerign AIDs and Agency.
3: To organize Project and members in order to research legality
4: To arrange several government Permit and approval.

We hope that this strategy report will support and assist to your understanding and hope to get your full cooperation and support for our business development in near future.