Global Trade Venture Co., Ltd.



With regard of Professional Occupation License are not yet standardized in Asian countries and individual countries issuing own Licenses , so it not acceptable by another countries also not acceptable as professional License.
The applications and qualification in Industries, many of company is required occupation License Holder for employee .
Also we plan to add Engineer Occupation License in our new business development strategy as first in the world.
We intent to start from Asia and gradually to expand to Global Market.
Our primary Goal is to be Occupation License Asia Association Founder as pioneer
In Global market and would like to establish fully implemented Professional Occupation License Net work system with certificate issue service.


We are now missing fugues employment opportunities with following reasons

  1. Do to hold Occupation License , because of past necessity from Company. But person have fugues Job Experiences with capability.
  2. Not easy to get several countries Occupation License
  3. Need to much Time and cost.
  4. Language problems.
  5. NON standard education System, Regulation and evaluation manual.

For example, Professional DOG Glooming( Trimming) Academy training &License Classifications, We do not yet have established Rules & Regulation in Asian Regions.
But Asian DOG trimming service Business is very quickly growing and we need to urgently supply for Licensed skill full Trimmer to the Markets.
The reality of Education System is not yet established and Most of training and education method are depend of hand to hand style and not yet organized and standardized.
Therefore, We will be able to establish Dog Trimming Academy which is implemented

  1. Japanese High Standard Trimming Techniques and Service Know How.
  2. To able to issue Occupation License
  3. To implement Japanese Language Training Course.
  4. To introduce working opportunity in Asian Market.


We intent to establish Global Professional Occupation License Association in Philippine and expand to Asian countries.
This new Association will be able to create with following advantages:

  1. To create Global JOB Opportunity to License Holder.
  2. To solve Language problem to work in foreign countries.
  3. To create to get high value JOB
  4. To create stable working opportunity
  5. All License will be issued by JAPAN HEAD Association and Japan Association shall provide and manage all training and education Curriculum, Graduation Test program.
  6. To accept to establish Alliance System with existed Small and medium size School and Academy in Asian Region.

We maintain to use Japan High Quality Standard Curriculum for student training
In order to guarantee our graduate Licenser, also maintain Association reputation In global Market.
Also, We will possible to associate with new Occupation University Program by Japanese Government in new Future.


For Example: Professional Occupation License Requirement
The market demand for employee is increasing very rapidly in Asian Market and Each countries need Licensed Professional workers urgently.
and we already knew these matters since last year.

  1. Market demand for Japanese Style JOB Training is very High
  2. To issue qualified License for Techniques, Customer Services, Communication and All Skill.
  3. To guaranty and prove license Holder to Employer .
  4. Very high Market demand and potential in Asian Market.


We have more than 15 years operation experiences in Japan as Academy and having 35% of Market Share in Japan.
So, we will be able to provide all kind of Education Curriculum, System, Trainer and instructors.

Our Sales Points

  1. To provide Japanese Techniques
  2. To issue Japanese Occupation License
  3. To provide Education Tools & Materials
  4. To take Trimming Training in Japan head office.
  5. To provide Franchise Opportunity in Group Associations.
  6. To provide Language Training & License.( Japanese, and others )
  7. To get business opportunity to open Trimming Shop( DOG Trimmer SHOP )
  8. To get Over sea JOB Introduction with working opportunity.


  1. To cooperate with TESDA.
  2. Language problem solution between Philippine and Japan and Asian countries.
  3. To cooperate with Animal Doctors and government associations.
  4. To coordinate with Government organizations.
  5. To maintain No. of Instructors.
  6. To manage finance and account.
  7. To Organize Professional Council team in Management.
  8. To provide Schooling fee finance and scholarship